Tuono Pettinato (Andrea Paggiaro, born in 1976). Comic book illustrator and author.
He graduated at DAMS school (Bologna) and, then, obtained a Master’s Degree in Children’s book publishing at Drosselmeier Academy. He is currently teaching Humorous Comics at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna (two-year course entitled The Languages of Comics).
In 2001, he started working with Superamici (which later became Fratelli del Cielo) and created several self-productions and publications, among which is Hobby Comics, the collective organisation’s main magazine published by GRRRzetic (which later became GRRRz Comic Art Books), and the free press PicNic.
His comic strips have been published by Repubblica XL, Vice Magazine, Rolling Stone and ANIMAls. In 2009, his short stories were collected in the book Apocalypso (Coniglio Editore). He is currently working on the Mediocri comic strip, published on Internazionale, on a weekly basis and, on a monthly basis, on the series named Fumettisti Ragguardevoli, published on Linus. He has a column (Tippy Tuesday) on the Fumettologica website.

Illustrazione realizzata da Tuono Pettinato - docente della Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia

He illustrated several children’s books for Campanila Editrice, Biancoenero Edizioni, Il Castoro and Rizzoli Ragazzi. His autobiographical comic book Il Magnifico Lavativo (2011) was created with the collaboraion of Topipittori.
He illustrated the biographies of Garibaldi, Alan Turing and Kurt Cobain, published by Rizzoli Lizard. In 2013, GRRRzetic published Corpicino, an anthropological noir that was soon adopted by the Department of Criminology of Genoa as a University text.
In 2014, Comics & Science published his comic book OraMai and, in 2015, he published Albert & Me, a short story about Einstein, for a themed issue of Le Scienze magazine.
In 2015 he took part, as an author, curator and screenwriter, in the collective comic book Bandierine – Tutta una storia di Resistenze, published by Barta, a publishing house located in Pisa.

Awards and acknowledgments:
Micheluzzi Award - Nuove Strade (2009 Napoli Comicon)
Boscarato Award as Individual Author (2010 and 2014 Treviso Comic Book Festival)
Gran Guinigi Award (2014 Lucca Comics & Games celebrated in 2015 with the personal exhibition Tuoneide)

Available publications:
Hobby Comics, vol. 1-6 (GRRRzetic)
Apocalypso (Coniglio Editore, 2009
Galileo! Un dialogo impossibile, with Francesca Riccioni (Felici Editore, 2009)
Garibaldi – Resoconto veritiero delle sue valorose imprese, ad uso delle giovini menti (Rizzoli Lizard, 2010)
Il Magnifico Lavativo (Topipittori, 2011)
Enigma – La strana vita di Alan Turing , with Francesca Riccioni (Rizzoli Lizard, 2012)
Corpicino (GRRRzetic, 2013)
Nevermind (Rizzoli Lizard, 2014)
OraMai (Comics & Science, 2014)
Bandierine – tutta una storia di Resistenze, collective work (Barta Edizioni, 2015)