SQUAZ (Pasquale Todisco)

He was born in Taranto in 1970. He worked for some of the major magazines in Italy, including XL (Repubblica), Rolling Stone, Linus and Internazionale, and he also created album covers for musicians such as Daniele Sepe and Caparezza.
As a comic book illustrator, he has published several graphic novels, among which are “Pandemonio” (texts by Gianluca Morozzi), “Minus Habens”, “L’Eredità” and “Tutte Le Ossessioni di Victor” (texts by Davide Calì).
He is a member of DUMMY, a collective organisation gathering comic book illustrators, with which he published “Le 5 Fasi”, and a member of the multimedia collective organisation ACTION30, with which he performs live in European theatres.

Fumetto realizzato da Squaz - docente della Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia