Editorial Consulting

Paola Parazzoli was born and lives in Milan. Her love for books and illustrations, born when she was still a child, was always encouraged by her family. Her passion led to a Degree in Literature and an Art History dissertation on editorial illustration in Italy between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. She started working as an editor for AMZ, a children’s book publisher, when she was still studying, then for De Agostini and, finally, for Rizzoli ragazzi, where she has been dealing with the whole planning process of illustrated children’s books for a few years now. Two major milestones in her career: the writing and Art Direction of the series of fairy tales and illustrated Bible stories published in 2005 and 2008 by «Corriere della Sera» and «Il Sole 24 ore».

Paola Parazzoli - docente di Consulenza Editoriale presso la Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia

She has also been collaborating with IED (the European Institute of Design of Milan and Turin) over the last ten years and, in 2008, she became a teacher at the Master’s Program in Editorial Illustration of Ars in Fabula (Macerata). She held workshops for Mimasterdi Illustrazione (Milan) and illustrated book workshops with elementary school children. She participated in a number of children’s book festivals in Italy such as Isola delle storie (Gavoi), Tuttestorie (Cagliari) and Festivaletteratura (Mantua). She admires the work of illustrators and her plans for the future include that of becoming an illustrator apprentice.