She graduated in Philosophy (specialisation: Psychology) at the University of Turin in 1991 and in Systemic Family Therapy in 1993 (Study Center for Family and Relational Therapy, Turin); in 2000, she became an executive by attending MIUR-ISVOR Fiat courses.

Marilena Capellino - docente di Estetica presso la Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia

She studied Institutional Analysis at CESMA- Milan management school and, in 2002, at Tavistock and Portman NHS TRUST, London. In 2007, she attended Conflict Mediation courses at CPPP (Piacenza); in 2011, she became a Teacher for the communities Philosophy for Children e Philosphy for the Community (CRIF association) and a Consulting Philosopher in 2013 (acknowledged by the Phronesis Association for Philosophical Counseling), as well as an Expert in Autobiographical Methodologies (she attended a course at the Free University of Autobiography of Anghiari).
She worked as an elementary school teacher from 1975 to 1993, as a Director of Studies in kindergartens and elementary schools and as a School Principal, first in first degree secondary schools and, now, in a high school in Turin.
She held training courses, Philosophical practice workshops and Autobiographical writing workshops for teachers, parents and educators in Turin and the rest of Piedmont (Brandizzo, Cuneo, Grugliasco, San Maurizio di Opaglio, Settimo Torinese and Verbania); she worked as a lecturer in conferences dealing with educational (Govone 1997 and 1998, Turin 2003, Piossasco 2009) and philosophical issues (Savigliano 2008, Turin 2010); she manages the Internship of the Education Sciences course of the University of Turin and works as a teacher at the Master’s Program in School Psychology of the Ulisse Psychology Center; she is Turin’s provincial coordinator of the Network for the spreading of philosophy in compulsory school established by USR Piedmont in 2012.