Video Art

Luca Testolin, musician, composer, sound technician and videomaker, graduated at the Advanced School of Music of Saluzzo with a 96/100 mark.
His 6 music albums, distributed in digital format on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer etc. with the name of L'Amortex, were created both as a solo artist and with the collaboration of international artists by mixing electronic music, poetry, theatre and dance.
Together with the actor Luca Occelli and Giada Bessone (voice), he wrote and staged the theatre show “Diecimila file di inferno bianco - Robert Johnson il fantasma del blues”.
He wrote and directed documentaries, video clips and video art projects (examples can be found on ). He created dozens of soundtracks for documentaries and short films and worked as a sound designer both in documentaries and art videos. .
He founded pthe first audio sample library in Italy, and works for Soundsnap, the most important audio sample library in the world, based in the United States, which provides Hollywood producers and major TV channels and companies worldwide (BBC, Apple, Microsoft, Sony etc.) with high-quality audio samples.
He worked with over 70 artists in his recording studio and, for some of them, he also dealt directly with artistic production. His creations are also being used as background music in supermarkets, hotels, shop chains and clubs in Europe, Arab States, the United States and India.

Luca Testolin - Docente di Video Arte presso la Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia

He created soundtracks and worked as a sound designer in several documentaries, short films and commercials; he worked with directors such as Fredo Valla and Barbara Allemand and on commercials such as those of Eva water, Fiat and Alfa Romeo. In 2011, his work “Errore 50” was awarded the 1st prize at the “50 ore” film festival of Turin.
In 2013, he founded  the first audio sample library in Italy: the quality of this project is so high that it has become the first Italian supplier of the major audio sample library in the world (located in the United States), which in turn works with Hollywood producers, Apple, BBC, Pixar, Sony and Disney, just to name a few.
Screenwriter and film maker, he writes and produces theatre shows, video clips, art videos and documentaries.