Giuseppe Palumbo was born in Matera in 1964.
He started publishing comics in 1986 on the pages of magazines such as Frigidaire and Cyborg: this is when he created his most famous character, Ramarro, the first masochistic superhero.
He joined the staff of Martin Mystére (Sergio Bonelli Editore) in 1992 and, in 2000, that of Diabolik (Astorina). He published “Tomka, il gitano di Guernica” (2007, texts by Massimo Carlotto) and “Un sogno turco” (2008, texts by Giancarlo De Cataldo) with Rizzoli. Comma 22 (Bologna) dedicated a series of volumes to Palumbo, the first of which was “Diario di un pazzo” (A Madman’s Diary), the adaptation of a short novel by Chinese writer Lu Xun, followed by “CUT Cataclisma”, a collection of all the Cut stories produced until 2006 for the Japanese publishing house Kodansha; he recently published “Eternartemisia” and “Aleametron”, produced by Palazzo Strozzi Firenze, and the first essay on literary-historical criticism in the form of a comic book, “L’elmo e la rivolta. Modernità e surplus mitico di Scipioni e Spartachi”, based on an idea and texts by Luciano Curreri, an Italian Language and Literature teacher at ULG - University of Liège. Last book published: “Una storia Lemming”, produced by the non-profit organisation Cefa.

Fumetto Diabolik realizzato da Giuseppe Palumbo - docente della Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia

In 2012, he wrote and illustrated “Sei tocchi di lame - Vita, morte e miracoli di Sant’Andrea Avellino” for the legendary publishing house Edizioni della Cometa (Rome). In 2013, he published “Uno si distrae al bivio - La crudele scalmana di Rocco Scotellaro” for Lavieri and “Prendere una lepre” by Biagio Bagini; in 2014, he wrote “I cruschi di Manzù” (illustrations by Giulio Giordano).
His works have been translated into French, Japanese, Greek, Spanish, Danish, Tamil and Belarusian.
He illustrated the covers of the Gialli Junior book series (children’s detective stories published by Mondadori) and, in 2003, he started working as the official cover illustrator of the novels written by Stefano Benni and published by Feltrinelli. He collaborated with l’Unità, il Manifesto, il Sole24Ore and SlowfoodMagazine.
In 2006, he became one of the founding associates of the interdisciplinary collective organisation Action30, which investigates new forms of racism and fascism: here, he created small editorial projects, short films/motion comics, multimedia conferences and, in particular, a special transmedia format concerning live performances (videos, music and comic strip storytelling) that has been used in several Italian and foreign festivals.
He won several awards for best Italian comic strip illustrator and for some of his books in several Italian cities (Milan, Treviso, Rome, Naples).