Daniele Cazzato, born in Turin in 1964, lives and works in Bossolasco, in the Upper Langa area, in Piedmont. He studied at the Vittorio Veneto High School of Arts and, then, the Arte Studio of Turin, where he attended art graphics, illustration and design courses for three years. He built his own artistic personality for eight years with the support of Francesco Preverino, a teacher at the Accademia Albertina of Turin.
He taught painting and art history at the Arte Studio-Vittorio Veneto High School of Arts and was a member of the organizational artistic board of the Piscina Arte Aperta Museum of Contemporary Art of Pinerolo (Turin); he also worked with Italian and foreign companies as an advertising designer and illustrator; he wrote children’s books published in the East by Sun Ya Publications (Hong Kong).

Dipinto realizzato da Daniele Cazzato - docente della Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia



Children’s book illustration

Roberta Angaramo was born in Fossano in 1974 and lives and works in Bossolasco, in the Upper Langa area, in Piedmont.
She studied at the High School of Arts of Cuneo and, then, at the European Institute of Design of Turin; she improved her painting skills in the studio of Francesco Preverino, an artist from Turin, and by attending the seminars of the International School of Illustration of Sarmede (TV).
In 1997, the illustrations she created for the book “Notte da Favola” were awarded the First UNICEF International Prize - Chioggia (VE) and were published by the Teatrio Association.
From that moment on, she started working as a children’s book illustrator and she has currently worked on over fourty books published by the world’s most popular publishing houses, including RCS libri, Editori Riuniti, Giunti, Grimm Press (Taiwan), Gakken (Tokyo), Sun Ya Publications (Hong Kong), Simon&Schuster NY, Holiday House NY, Purple Bear Books (NY), Baumhaus, Coppenrath, Aracari, Gullane, Franklin Watts and Parragon UK.

Illustrazione realizzata da Roberta Angaramo - docente della Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia



Digital Illustration

The style of illustrator Luigi Aimè is pictorial and evocative. He uses both digital and traditional media and likes varying his works.
He studied Humanities in high school, then obtained a degree in illustration and animation from the European Institute of Design of Milan and went to the Academy of Art of the University of San Francisco.
He works in the field of illustration and comics on an international level and, among his customers, we can find The Walt Disney Company (USA), Oxford University Press (UK), Edizioni Mondadori (ITALIA), Anova Books (UK), Capstone (UK), QED (UK), SixRed Marbles (USA).

Illustrazione realizzata da Luigi Aimè - docente della Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia




Arianna Arcara was born in Monza in 1984.
She studied photography at the European Institute of Design, where she obtained a scholarship for the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.
After she completed her educational path, she started working as an assistant for photographer Alex Majoli and, in 2006, along with Luca Baioni, Gabriele Micalizzi, Alessandro Sala and Luca Santese, founded the Cesura photographic group.
In 2009, she was selected for the "Young Blood 09 Annual Selection of Italian talents in the World".

Fotografia realizzada da Arianna Arcara - docente della Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia




Roberto Baldazzini was born in Vignola, in the province of Modena, on August 18, 1958.
In 1982, he started working with several comic strip magazines, among which are: Orient Express, Comic Art, Tic, Dolce vita, Tempi Supplementari, Cyborg, Glamour, Diva, Pilot, Nova Express and Blue. He created characters such as Alan Hassad (texts by D. Brolli), Stella Noris (texts by L.Canossa), Ginger & Rogers, Angela for the Casa Howhard saga, Chiara Rosenberg (texts of C. Pes), Aura and Beba. At the same time, he created illustrations and short comics for: Vanity; Creare da sola; Per lui; Lei; Marie Claire; Terrazzo; Il Manifesto; Follow Me; Kappa Edizioni; Plot; Philips; Alessi; Sottsass Associati; Giorgio Bernardini Editore; Metrolibri; La Musardine; Zanotti; Dargaud.

Fumetto realizzato da Roberto Baldazzini - docente della Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia



Children’s book illustration

She was born in Cuneo and works in Bra (CN). She attended an illustration course at the European Institute of Design of Milan and then worked as an illustrator and published several children’s books, both in Italy and abroad. She published her works with Syros editions, Ipomée/Albin Michel (Paris) and Grimm Press (Taipei - Taiwan); in Italy, she cooperated with C'Era Una Volta..., Arka and Fabbri. Her books have been published in other countries as well.

Illustrazione realizzata da Maria Battaglia - docente della Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia



3D art

She was born in Modena in 1991 and studied at the Venturi High School of Art, in her hometown.
After high school, she went to the NEMO NT Digital Art Academy of Florence and attended the 2D and 3D Animation, Visual Fx and 3D Graphics courses.

Illustrazione 3D di Chiara Benedetti - docente della Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia




Lorena Canottiere started working as a comic strip author for “Corrierino”, “Schizzo presenta” and “Mondo naif”: she is currently working for “Focus Junior”, ANIMAls, Slowfood and Corriere della Sera and for Coconino Press and Diabolo Edizioni.
She took part in several comic book exhibitions: “Nuvole” (Cremona), “Fumetti di frontiera” (Aosta), “Fumetta. Le autrici del moderno fumetto italiano” (Spinea), “Futuro anteriore” (Napoli Comicon, then presented again at the Ilmin art museum of Seul), “Festival international de la bd” (Angouleme). In 2013, she was among the official foreign guests of Ficomic, the international comic book festival of Barcelona, the Semana Comiquera of Madrid and the Bilbolbul of Bologna.

Fumetto realizzato da Lorena Canottiere - docente della Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia




He was born in Alba (Italy) on 08/15/1985.
In September 2006, he started shooting his first short film, “Una scelta di Vita”, which was then finished and presented in February 2007.
In May 2007, he graduated in “direction and video production” at the National Cinema Academy of Bologna.
In 2010, he presented his short “ELOGIO ALLA SOLITUDINE” (Praise to loneliness) at the 58th Trento Film Festival and the 63rd Festival of Cannes.
In 2012, he started shooting his first movie (debut film) E FU SERA E FU MATTINA (and then there was the evening and then there was the morning), filmed thanks to a crowdfunding and crowd equity project with a 70,000 EUR budget.

Copertina del film E fu sera e fu mattina realizzato da Emanuele Caruso - docente della Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia



Editorial Illustration

Marco Cazzato was born in 1975.
He lives and works in Turin. He has been working for La Stampa since 2007, when he started illustrating the column of Massimo Gramellini, for Einaudi, Il Sole 24Ore, Slow Food, Linus, Baldini Castoldi Dalai Editore, Corriere della Sera, ANIMAls Coniglio Editore, Real Castello di Racconigi, Carta and many others.
His book “Mood”, a reasoned anthology on human states of mind, was published in 2010 by Grrrzetic Editori.
He created the cover of “Canzoni per un figlio”, an album by the Italian indie rock band Marlene Kuntz, and “C’eravamo abbastanza amati”, an album by the Italian band Le luci della centrale elettrica. He also curated the music video “Il partigiano” (Marlene Kuntz, directed by Flavio Nani).

Illustrazione realizzata da Marco Cazzato - docente della Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia



3D art

Luca Da Rios has been working in the multimedia and entertainment industry for over 15 years; he currently lives and works between London and Milan.
In 2000, he founded Playstos Entertainment (www.playstos.com), a videogame development company for Consoles, PC and Mobile, where he worked directly, as a producer and 3D supervisor, on the development of several multi-platform games.



Children’s book illustration

Giuliano Ferri was born in Pesaro in 1965 and graduated at the Art Institute of Urbino, where he specialised in Animated Drawing. He attended the illustration courses held by Stepan Zavrel in Sarmede.
He has been illustrating children’s books for many years now.
In 1993, his book “Diario di Bordo" won the 1st prize at the “Città di Bitritto” (Italy) 6th National Competition for Children’s Literature. His books have been published in Italy, Germany, the US, China, Japan, the UK and France and translated into different languages.
His works have been selected and exhibited at the Children’s Book Fair of Bologna for ten years.
In 1995, he participated in the BIB (Bratislava Biennial).

Illustrazione realizzata da Giuliano Ferri - docente della Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia




Engraver, painter, she graduated at the Accademia Albertina of Turin in 1994 with a dissertation on the art of Mario Calandri (“Il tempo e i luoghi della memoria”).
She took part in the most important national and international graphic art festivals and organised personal engraving and painting exhibitions.
She is an associate of the Venetian Engravers’ Association and the A.I.E., the Italian Ex Libris Association. She is included in the List of Italian Engravers.

Incisione realizzata da Erica Forneris - docente della Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia




Children’s book illustration

She graduated in Illustration and Multimedia Animation in 2005, at the European Institute of Design, and specialised in stop-motion animation at Studio Misseri, Florence.

Benedetta Frezzotti- docente di Illustrazione per l'infanzia della Libera Accademia d'Arte Novalia



Children’s book illustration

Giovanni Manna was born in Florence in 1966.
He attended engraving courses in Florence and Bologna, iconographic painting courses in Bologna and illustration courses in Sarmede and Venice.
He has been working in the field of children’s books since 1995 and mainly uses the watercolour technique: he also creates works of art through the etching technique. He published over 80 books with several Italian and foreign publishing houses, among which are Rizzoli, Fabbri, Fatatrac, Mondadori, Salani, Piemme, Edizioni San Paolo, Messaggero di S. Antonio, C’era una volta, Cideb, EDB (Italy) and Creative Edition (USA), Barefoot Books (UK), Bohem Press (Zurigo), Grimm Press (Taipei), Tyrolia Verlag (Innsbruck): the original editions of his books have been translated into several languages.

Illustrazione realizzata da Giovanni Manna - docente della Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia




Gabriele Micalizzi is a photojournalist who, after graduating in Fine Arts, started working for the News Press Agency of Milan in 2004.
In 2006, he specialised in illustration at the Castello Sforzesco Advanced School of Art.
In 2008, with the artistic direction of Alex Majoli, he founded CesuraLab. 
In 2010 he covered the red shirts revolution in Bangkok and, in 2011, the Arab Spring in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.

Fotografia realizzata da Gabriele Micalizzi - docente della Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia




Vittorio Mortarotti (1982) exhibited his works for the first time in 2008, at the Photomonth Festival of Cracow. Another exhibition occurred during the same year at the Fries Museum of Leeuwarden (the Netherlands) for the “Behind Walls” exhibit curated by Wim Melis. In 2010, Laura Serani chose him for the “Italian Emerging Photography” project, which was presented at the Mois de la Photo of Paris.
In 2012, he exhibited his works during the ninth edition of Manifesta by preparing a site-specific project concerning a residence located in Genk, Belgium. He also published the “Originals” book on this occasion.
He was selected for the “GrandPrix Fotofestiwal” award of Lodz (2012) and for the “Descubrimientos” award at the PhotoEspana Festival of Madrid (2013).

Fotografia realizzata da Vittorio Mortarotti - docente della Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia




Giuseppe Palumbo was born in Matera in 1964.
He started publishing comics in 1986 on the pages of magazines such as Frigidaire and Cyborg: this is when he created his most famous character, Ramarro, the first masochistic superhero.
He joined the staff of Martin Mystére (Sergio Bonelli Editore) in 1992 and, in 2000, that of Diabolik (Astorina). He published “Tomka, il gitano di Guernica” (2007, texts by Massimo Carlotto) and “Un sogno turco” (2008, texts by Giancarlo De Cataldo) with Rizzoli. Comma 22 (Bologna) dedicated a series of volumes to Palumbo, the first of which was “Diario di un pazzo” (A Madman’s Diary), the adaptation of a short novel by Chinese writer Lu Xun, followed by “CUT Cataclisma”, a collection of all the Cut stories produced until 2006 for the Japanese publishing house Kodansha; he recently published “Eternartemisia” and “Aleametron”, produced by Palazzo Strozzi Firenze, and the first essay on literary-historical criticism in the form of a comic book, “L’elmo e la rivolta. Modernità e surplus mitico di Scipioni e Spartachi”, based on an idea and texts by Luciano Curreri, an Italian Language and Literature teacher at ULG - University of Liège. Last book published: “Una storia Lemming”, produced by the non-profit organisation Cefa.

Fumetto Diabolik realizzato da Giuseppe Palumbo - docente della Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia



3D art

After completing her artistic studies in Monza, she graduated in Illustration and Animation at the European Institute of Design of Milan.
In 2005, she started working as a concept designer and look developer and later became the Artistic Director of Playstos Entertainment (www.playstos.com).

Illustrazione 3D realizzata da Margherita Premuroso - docente della Libera Accademia D'Aarte Novalia




He was born in Milan in 1981. He studied at the National High School of Art of Monza, where he met professor Massimo Troboldi, who inspired him to approach the world of photography. After his graduation, he started working at Controluce photographic studio, where he learnt professional techniques concerning the creation of commercial photography.

Fotografia realizzata da Alessandro Sala - docente della Libera Accademia d'Arte Novalia




Luca Santese was born in Monza in 1985 and, as a photographer, he was born and raised in the Milan area. He studied at the National High School of Art of Monza and the Brera Academy of Fine Arts of Milan. During his Academy years, he worked in the printing laboratory of photographer Alex Majoli and in 2008, together with Arianna Arcara, Luca Baioni, Gabriele Milcalizzi, Andy Rocchelli and Alessandro Sala, founded CESURA. 
CESURA is a group of photographers whose common desire is that of creating an independent force capable of carrying out high-quality research in the field of photography, from taking a picture to printing it and from postproduction to the setting up of exhibitions.

Fotografia realizzata da Luca Santese - docente della Libera Accademia d'Arte Novalia



SQUAZ (Pasquale Todisco)

He was born in Taranto in 1970. He worked for some of the major magazines in Italy, including XL (Repubblica), Rolling Stone, Linus and Internazionale, and he also created album covers for musicians such as Daniele Sepe and Caparezza.
As a comic book illustrator, he has published several graphic novels, among which are “Pandemonio” (texts by Gianluca Morozzi), “Minus Habens”, “L’Eredità” and “Tutte Le Ossessioni di Victor” (texts by Davide Calì).
He is a member of DUMMY, a collective organisation gathering comic book illustrators, with which he published “Le 5 Fasi”, and a member of the multimedia collective organisation ACTION30, with which he performs live in European theatres.

Fumetto realizzato da Squaz - docente della Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia



Video Art

Luca Testolin, musician, composer, sound technician and videomaker, graduated at the Advanced School of Music of Saluzzo with a 96/100 mark.
His 6 music albums, distributed in digital format on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer etc. with the name of L'Amortex, were created both as a solo artist and with the collaboration of international artists by mixing electronic music, poetry, theatre and dance.

Luca Testolin - Docente di Video Arte presso la Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia




Tuono Pettinato (Andrea Paggiaro, born in 1976). Comic book illustrator and author.
He graduated at DAMS school (Bologna) and, then, obtained a Master’s Degree in Children’s book publishing at Drosselmeier Academy. He is currently teaching Humorous Comics at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna (two-year course entitled The Languages of Comics).
In 2001, he started working with Superamici (which later became Fratelli del Cielo) and created several self-productions and publications, among which is Hobby Comics, the collective organisation’s main magazine published by GRRRzetic (which later became GRRRz Comic Art Books), and the free press PicNic.
His comic strips have been published by Repubblica XL, Vice Magazine, Rolling Stone and ANIMAls. In 2009, his short stories were collected in the book Apocalypso (Coniglio Editore). He is currently working on the Mediocri comic strip, published on Internazionale, on a weekly basis and, on a monthly basis, on the series named Fumettisti Ragguardevoli, published on Linus. He has a column (Tippy Tuesday) on the Fumettologica website.

Illustrazione realizzata da Tuono Pettinato - docente della Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia



Toy design

lllustrator and graphic designer. After completing his artistic education and working for an agency, he started working as an illustrator for several publishers by using both traditional press techniques such as Oasis and creating projects such as Il richiamo della Foresta (The Call of the Wild), entirely produced through digital painting for Fabbri Editori.

Realizzazione di Valerio Vacchetta - docente della Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia



Children’s book writing and Comics

He was born in Switzerland. He is a comic book illustrator and a children’s book illustrator and author.
He collaborated with the famous Linus magazine for years before he started illustrating children’s books.
He is currently working with Sarbacane, Actes Sud, Nathan and ABC Media (France), Chronicle Books (USA), Kite, Orecchio Acerbo and Biancoenero Edizioni (Italy), Bruàa (Portugal), Nobrow (UK), Tundra Books and Comme des Géants (Canada).

Davide Cali - docente di Scrittura per l'Infanzia presso la Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia




She graduated in Philosophy (specialisation: Psychology) at the University of Turin in 1991 and in Systemic Family Therapy in 1993 (Study Center for Family and Relational Therapy, Turin); in 2000, she became an executive by attending MIUR-ISVOR Fiat courses.

Marilena Capellino - docente di Estetica presso la Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia



Pedagogy of Storytelling

Elisabetta Cremaschi was born in Mirandola in 1969 and graduated in Political Science at the University of Bologna with Professor Pier Cesare Bori and a dissertation on moral philosophy and the thought of Maria Zambrano in the field of Spanish philosophy, literature and art; she obtained an Advanced Training Master’s Degree at Drosselmeier Academy – Study Center for Children’s Literature of Bologna. She is a freelance Storytelling Pedagogy teacher and a journalist; she has been working in the field of organisation, promotion and cultural education designed for adults, children and young people for twenty years and she has been working with public authorities and private institutions providing literary, artistic, editorial and book-related education. As a storytelling and children’s literature expert, she collaborates with Italian and foreign publishing houses, works as an editor and writes articles for specialised magazines in the field.

Elisabetta Cremaschi - docente di Pedagogia delle Narrazioni presso la Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia



Art History

Antonio D’Amico is an art historian and critic. He taught Jewish Aesthetics at the Academy of Fine Arts of Catania in 2009-2010. The next year, he started teaching the following subjects at the Academy of Fine Arts of Cuneo: History of Applied Art and Miniature, Iconography and Iconology, History of Modern Art, Art Pedagogy and Teaching.

Antonio D'Amico -docente di Storia dell'Arte presso la Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia



Art History

Museologist and art historian, she worked with the Ordine Mauriziano Foundation to provide educational services and implement activities for the promotion of the Palazzina di Caccia of Stupinigi (Turin). In 2014, she became a Museum Studies teacher at the Master’s Program in European Museology held by IULM University (Milan).

Serena Fumero - docente di Storia dell'arte della Libera Accademia d'Arte Novalia



Creation of Publishing Projects and Creative Writing

She was born in 1968 in Bologna; an art and literature enthusiast, she graduated cum laude in Modern Literature with a dissertation on Byzantine art history.
She is an iconographic painter and, at first, she devoted herself to the history of mosaic art by holding advanced courses in Italy, Russia and Greece for AIMC and the European Community. Later, she started working as an iconographic researcher and an editor for EDB Bologna.
In 1995, she started writing children’s short stories for several Italian and foreign publishers including Rizzoli, Bohem press, Grimm press and EMP, combining her passion for great classic literature and myth with fiction.

Manaresi Laura - docente di Progetti Editoriali e Scrittura Creativa presso la Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia



Editorial Consulting

Paola Parazzoli was born and lives in Milan. Her love for books and illustrations, born when she was still a child, was always encouraged by her family. Her passion led to a Degree in Literature and an Art History dissertation on editorial illustration in Italy between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. She started working as an editor for AMZ, a children’s book publisher, when she was still studying, then for De Agostini and, finally, for Rizzoli ragazzi, where she has been dealing with the whole planning process of illustrated children’s books for a few years now. Two major milestones in her career: the writing and Art Direction of the series of fairy tales and illustrated Bible stories published in 2005 and 2008 by «Corriere della Sera» and «Il Sole 24 ore».

Paola Parazzoli - docente di Consulenza Editoriale presso la Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia



Scenic Design

She has been working for the experimental theatre company Marcido Marcidorjs e Famosa Mimosa from 2000 to 2007. In 2007, she worked for the Interreg project “LA MEMORIA DELLE ALPI – I SENTIERI DELLA LIBERTA’” by creating and providing theatre workshops with historic and social purposes, in collaboration with Laura Bevione and Paolo Calvino.
In 2009, she worked as a designer and teacher for SCREEM IN ACTION, a Young Frontiers project for ILO-ONU.

Elena Serra - docente di Scenografia preso la Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia