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Duration: 3 years

The Three-year Course in Visual Arts offered by Novalia©, the Free Art Academy, aims to train artists and qualified professionals able to develop their own research in the field of painting and drawing by taking into account the plurality of languages and technical innovations that characterise today’s world: the students will be provided both with traditional techniques and the new expressive languages connected to illustration, comics, graphic design, photography, cinema and multimedia (2D and 3D). The Academy offers three-year courses in Visual Arts designed in accordance with the curriculum required by currently applicable Italian regulations on post-graduation courses and is currently being certified by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research.



At the end of the course, the students will have to:

  • possess adequate technical and operational skills and knowledge concerning art research contents and methods as well as painting techniques, so as to be able to acquire independent and personal awareness of the artistic production;
  • possess adequate skills in the field of hand engraving, xylography, silk-screen printing, photography, computer graphics and printing techniques, as well as appropriate knowledge concerning the history and methods of graphic and art printing processes;
  • possess methodological and critical instruments suitable for the acquisition of skills in the field of artistic languages and the related most advanced techniques and technologies;
  • possess adequate skills and instruments relating to information management and communication, with particular regard to IT and digital tools.


Three-year course subject list

Detailed list of goals and contents of each subject

Course Structure

Contatta la Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia




A) Basic subjects:

  • Artistic anatomy
  • History of art
  • Photography
  • Drawing
  • Aesthetics
  • Painting

 B) Specific subjects:

  • Engraving techniques – Art Graphics
  • Painting techniques
  • Design
  • History and methodology of art criticism
  • History of cinema
  • Phenomenology of contemporary arts
  • Theory of shape perception and psychology
  • Digital applications for visual arts
  • Art psychology

 C) Additional and related subjects:

  • Museography and planning
  • Cultural and environmental heritage
  • Scenic design
  • Marketing e management
  • Pedagogy and art teaching

The graduates of Novalia©, the Free Art Academy, will be able to work in different contexts, both as freelancers and in the field of visual and creative arts; they will also be able to participate, with regard to the different fields of application, in the planning and implementation of specific painting activities, both in the field of traditional instruments and in that of the new technologies and linguistic expressions that can be found in national and international events.


Download the Course Structure Table  


First year
The first term is mainly preparatory: the aim is to strengthen and integrate previously acquired skills. Drawing, painting and anatomy will, therefore, have a major role; the other subjects will be studied during the second part of the year, even in the form of intensive themed workshops.

The activities are mandatory for all students.

During the first year, the lessons will be held from the second half of October to the end of June over three mornings and three afternoons, for a total amount of 24 hours per week.


Second year
During this year, there will be no term subdivision, as the course will mainly consist of laboratory activities and, therefore, the subjects will be spread over the course of the whole year: a number of workshops held by professional teachers will be added to the aforementioned activities.
The second year will have the same timetable as the first one.
Some activities chosen by the students will, however, be added (see the subjects marked with the * symbol).


Third year
The same criterion adopted during the second year will also be adopted here: optional subjects will be increased in order to allow the students to choose more customized learning experiences.


Download the three-year course subject list

Download the detailed list of goals, contents and tests of each subject




Duration: 6 months



A preparatory term is offered to those students who possess a high-school diploma which does not, however, concern the world of visual arts, e.g. students coming from high schools not mainly concerned with art (grammar school, scientific high school, high schools focusing on humanities etc). The student will be provided with technical and practical skills that will allow him/her to acquire the basic knowledge needed to access the three-year course and to explore his/her creativity with the help of our professional teachers.