Toy Design

lllustrator and graphic designer. After completing his artistic education and working for an agency, he started working as an illustrator for several publishers by using both traditional press techniques such as Oasis and creating projects such as Il richiamo della Foresta (The Call of the Wild), entirely produced through digital painting for Fabbri Editori.

Realizzazione di Valerio Vacchetta - docente della Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia

Thanks to Arka Edizioni, his works were published in several nations and, in 2007, his illustration on the theme of fire, entitled “Uscita dall’Egitto” (Leaving Egypt), was selected, among other international illustrators, to participate in the Colori del Sacro Festival of Padua. He collaborated with Ciao Amici magazine for several years by using a pseudonym and a cartoon-like style. In 2004, he joined the Toy Department of MONDO S.p.A. group, where he used his skills and acquired new ones by preparing projects for the company itself and other companies such as Disney, Mattel, Giochi Preziosi, Ducati etc. He also implemented projects for other Group Departments (Mondo Marine, Mondo Flooring) and worked on parallel projects such as the external design of Montecarlo Offshore. He founded his studio in 2015 and started working on visual communication and design with an interdisciplinary approach combining graphic design, photography, style and illustration.