3D art

Luca Da Rios has been working in the multimedia and entertainment industry for over 15 years; he currently lives and works between London and Milan.
In 2000, he founded Playstos Entertainment (, a videogame development company for Consoles, PC and Mobile, where he worked directly, as a producer and 3D supervisor, on the development of several multi-platform games.

In 2011, Luca and his wife Margherita Premuroso founded Inky Mind Italy and Inky Mind UK(, two companies focusing mainly on the production of animated short films, VFX, TV commercials and animated series.
In 2012, he also founded Mykey Studios (, an Animation and VFX school located in Milan.
Luca’s education includes a degree in Engineering (Milan Polytechnic University) and over 20 years in the ICT and CGI fields.