Children’s book illustration

Giuliano Ferri was born in Pesaro in 1965 and graduated at the Art Institute of Urbino, where he specialised in Animated Drawing. He attended the illustration courses held by Stepan Zavrel in Sarmede.
He has been illustrating children’s books for many years now.
In 1993, his book “Diario di Bordo" won the 1st prize at the “Città di Bitritto” (Italy) 6th National Competition for Children’s Literature. His books have been published in Italy, Germany, the US, China, Japan, the UK and France and translated into different languages.
His works have been selected and exhibited at the Children’s Book Fair of Bologna for ten years.
In 1995, he participated in the BIB (Bratislava Biennial).

Illustrazione realizzata da Giuliano Ferri - docente della Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia

His works have been exhibited at the Pompidou Centre of Paris, the UNICEF headquarters of New York, the Itabashi Art Museum of Tokyo, the TIBE Book Fair and the Museum of Fine Arts of Taiwan, the “Premi Internacional Catalogna d’ Illustraciò” of Barcelona, the Daimaru Museum of Osaka (project “Italy in Japan 2001”), the Art Institute of Chicago and in various Italian cities.
His workshops, held in schools and public libraries, deal with the concept and creation of illustrated art; he also organises theatre groups for children where his stories are played and animated.
Concerning the social aspect of his life, Giuliano Ferri is involved in a local community, where he works as an entertainer for disabled young people and uses comic theatre as a means of inclusion. Giuliano lives in Pesaro with his wife Monica and their children, Alice, Miriam and Luca. Pictorial technique of published books: watercolours and coloured pencils.