He was born in Alba (Italy) on 08/15/1985.
In September 2006, he started shooting his first short film, “Una scelta di Vita”, which was then finished and presented in February 2007.
In May 2007, he graduated in “direction and video production” at the National Cinema Academy of Bologna.
In 2010, he presented his short “ELOGIO ALLA SOLITUDINE” (Praise to loneliness) at the 58th Trento Film Festival and the 63rd Festival of Cannes.
In 2012, he started shooting his first movie (debut film) E FU SERA E FU MATTINA (and then there was the evening and then there was the morning), filmed thanks to a crowdfunding and crowd equity project with a 70,000 EUR budget.

Copertina del film E fu sera e fu mattina realizzato da Emanuele Caruso - docente della Libera Accademia D'Arte Novalia

In 2012, he filmed his first documentary, entitled MENO 100 CHILI, which participated in several Italian and foreign festivals and came out in January 2013.
In 2014, the movie E FU SERA E FU MATTINA was distributed in movie theatres via independent channels: it sold over 40,000 tickets and, in October 2014, won the F.I.C.E. award for "Independent movie of the year".