Our workshops allow the students to work with some of the greatest names in the field of visual arts and the aim is that of not stopping at a predetermined finish line.
We believe that, in today’s world, it is essential to be familiar with illustration, comics, painting, photography, video art and animation in order to approach the creative sector, both by using traditional techniques and the latest technologies, as the interaction between these two “worlds” can unleash unprecedented creativity less connected to individual artistic environments.

Our workshops are designed for people who already possess specific skills in the field (specialisation workshops), and for those who want to approach the world of art or learn more about specific subjects (individual workshops).

There will be a theoretical and a practical part distributed over different periods of time: there may be a single, full-time day, a weekend, an intensive week or combined weekends, during which a professional will implement his/her project over 2 to 4 weekends with about one-month breaks between each workshop, thus creating an authentic “free specialisation course” resulting in a complete project or portfolio.
During this kind of workshop, the Academy will provide interested students with 10 additional weekly hours in order to implement, with the help of focused supervision, the project started with the professional, so as to be able to bring the required material to the next workshop.



These workshops are divided into four to nine days maximum: each day includes 6-7 hours spread over two to four months, during which the professionals will work with the students and allow them to become familiar with the delivery times normally required within the world of art, as well as the emotions and relationships arising from this job: students will thus acquire the skills needed to optimize their product, which, once finished at home, will be evaluated at the end of the workshop and included in the student’s portfolio.
Each Workshop may be preceded by an initial conference lasting for two hours maximum, during which the teacher will talk about his/her professional experience and describe the objectives of the proposed project. Workshop students are allowed to attend this conference and so are the other Academy students, as long as seats are available depending on the location’s rules.



Individual workshops on specific topics and/or techniques may be held during the academic year and/or during the summer: these will last for one or two days maximum and both the students from amateur courses and those from academic and/or specialisation courses will be allowed to participate. Attendance will be granted on the basis of the difficulty and the necessary prerequisites, which will be determined by the teacher depending on every single case.