We are in Savigliano (Cn),
in the historic
Taffini d'Acceglio Palace

Nothing is stronger

than an idea whose time has come

Victor Hugo





designed to create
a professional elite
able to use
a wide range
of artistic skills:

Children's Book Illustration

Editorial Illustration

Comics - Painting

Digital Illustration

3D art, Photography, Cinema

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We want to combine
the amazing
artistic tradition of Italy
and the most advanced
technologies in the field of
Visual Arts.



We believe that an educational path must offer important experiences, with the help of highly skilled teachers, to the students, and that this must happen in a professional and kind environment in order to train versatile professionals possessing the theoretical and practical knowledge directly connected to the world of work and the requirements of today’s marketplace. This is the aim of Novalia, established in 1992 as a school of art, which has now turned into an advanced training academy and a combination of the ancient painting workshop dating back to the Renaissance and the newest forms of figurative contemporary art;we want to create an élite growing up in direct contact with our professional teachers and able to face the reality of the professional artistic world (e.g. editors, national and international art dealers), especially during the last year.

Our courses are designed for young graduates and for those who are attending, or have completed, an academic course and have a sense of art, are oriented towards creative expression and willing to learn about contemporary expressive practices and art languages and to improve their own skills in order to create the basis for their work. Consequently, experimentation is the essential element in every artistic subject and the teachers prepare the student to be progressively more aware of their professional abilities, which result in the planning and self-promotion of their work, both in order to access the job market and to acquire a positive perception of their skills.

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Another crucial element is the atmosphere we intend to create within the school: commitment, professionalism and dedication will be required in order to build a high-quality, productive and harmonious work group. The courses, in fact, provide an original teaching method with a lot of innovation both in contents and learning models, which is attained thanks to equipped labs, an excellent teacher-student relationship, a teaching method based on the direct support of professionals in the field of graphic design and contemporary painting and the cooperation with local institutions and cultural authorities, a well-established symbol of our strong search for certified quality. Therefore, there will be a limited number of students for each class and pre-selections will be carried out in order to grant access to the same: a pre-course preparation period will be offered, before the final interview, to students coming from schools not directly related to the world of art but who, nonetheless, show particular talent and interest in this field.

At the end of the three-year course, the students will be able to start their personal research by always working with our professional teachers: the school will encourage this cooperation, which in turn will act as an intermediate phase between the school period, during which the students are entirely supported by the teachers, and the real world of work.